The first step in protecting your organization, assets and people is the identification of the risks and threats.

Being fully prepared is the only way to prevent damage and/or mitigate risks.

Executive Advisory

Through real-time information tracking on the latest geopolitical news, trends, and developments, as well as various social and economic factors, we pride ourselves on possessing the adequate knowledge and understanding to make long-term predictions relevant for our clients. We can transform this knowledge into viable and applicable strategies ready for implementation.

Strategic Analysis

The strategic research and analytical services are based on our ability to conduct investigations on a global scale and engage subject-matter experts with extensive experience in geopolitics, macro-finance, regional and global economy, defense, and security. We combine knowledge and proficiency in offering different types of geopolitical surveys, economic, SWOT, and PESTLE analysis, as well as social, environmental, and commercial impact research and predictions.

Investment Consulting

We’ve acquired our experience by operating in some of the most challenging investment markets. We now work with hedge funds, private equities, sovereign wealth funds, banks, and individual investors. While helping them, we also help those with great ideas that require investment support. Our services include strategic and project-specific analysis, risk assessment, legislative research and support, quantitative and qualitative planning as well as assets and funds management support.

Business Transformation

Today’s business world is fluid, complex, and unpredictable. Factors such as globalization, technological advancement, newly emerging financial, social, and political trends as well as new strategic concepts may impact organizations in ways no one can foresee. The only way to prevent the damage is to be fully prepared. Dynamics International Group utilizes value-driven methodology to assess, evaluate, redesign and implement progressive, self-sustainable, and long-term business strategies for our customers.

Governance, Stability and Transition

We believe in the fundamental right of every nation to live in a free, prosperous, and stable democratic environment. Through a decade-long experience of working in countries torn by conflict, war, poverty, and natural disasters, our management team brings a unique and valuable perspective in providing models for effective governance. These measures range in diversity, including the complete transformation of government institutions into effective systems that will serve the people, transition of nations from conflict zones into political, economic, and socially stable areas. Our program and teams include development experts, government service specialists, national infrastructure advisors, aid project managers, and international diplomacy experts.

Public Sector Contract Management

We provide specialized contracting packages which incorporate some or all of our services for customers from the public sector, international development and aid organizations, and NGOs. The experience of our executives in public sector management gives us the knowledge, the methodologies, and the networks to respond to any complex requirements and offer one-stop solutions.

International Operations Support

Our founding partners have spent more than a decade in various international organizations supporting governments, development, and aid organizations and corporations in various global initiatives. This valuable experience, the overcoming of complex challenges, and the ability to create networks in multicultural environments are now utilized in our support of key government and international organizations all over the world. We provide contract management, chain management, field projects management, and customized project and program execution.

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