Our Intel teams utilize a customized intelligence procedure in order to ensure the final results are applicable and address the actual needs of the customer

The combination of business, market and strategic intelligence ensures result-driven outcomes for our customers

Competitive Intelligence

We transform the acquired information into applicable intelligence by utilizing only legal procedures in our practice of collecting information from open sources, social media, big data, corporate databases, and human sources. Our corporate intelligence teams and external experts provide decision-makers with understanding and relevant knowledge and ensure the right path when navigating the obstacles and uncertainties of the dynamically changing business world. Our services include competition profiling, corporate dynamics monitoring, disruptive technology, reputational safeguarding, product intelligence, and customized competitive intelligence services.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is no longer optional for smart and successful businesses, rather it is a must in the newly developed corporate world. Knowing the other side of the equation has become a prerequisite in the commercial, legislative, financial, and HR environment in order to ensure adequate compliance and risk protection. We provide enhanced due diligence checks of entities and individuals by combining information and analysis from open sources, social media, big data, corporate databases, and source inquires. Our enhanced due diligence research reports support our clients in processes such as KYC analysis, pre-transaction checks, M&A, executive and management personnel checks, and corporate and personnel profile analysis.

Regulatory Compliance Intelligence

The global dynamics in the regulatory sphere have made the process of full compliance with national and international laws difficult. Corporations, financial organizations, investment funds, and governments are facing the risk of operating against regulations without knowing about them or dealing with non-compliant third parties. We ensure our clients’ corporate, financial, legislative, environmental, and social compliance by tracing the regulatory measures in the area of interest, investigating internal and external factors of concern, third-party compliance profiling, and prevention of potential regulatory breaches such as AML, FCPA, UKBA, and OFAC.

Geopolitical Intelligence

Context does matter. Our geopolitical experts uncover political trends on a local, regional, and global scale, emerging risks and crises, conflicts throughout the globe in order to help you understand the potential risks and threats in the complex geopolitical landscape. At Dynamics International Group, we know that having the information is not enough if you want to keep people and assets safe and ensure uninterrupted operations, you must disseminate the political context and attach it to the current state of affairs.

In the decision–making process, we will provide you with applicable intelligence and relevant methodology that gives readers quick access to highly important geopolitical, macroeconomic, defense and security, and specific governmental information. We work with the corporate, public, and NGO sector by offering in–depth insights into emerging terrorist threats, strategic stability assessments, and impact measurements which in turn help clients mitigate the possible risks and operations of the ever-changing political world.

Asset Tracing

The fluidity of today’s modern financial sphere has hindered the process of asset tracing and recovery and made it virtually impossible to predict. Money laundering, fraud, offshore operations, and other illegal and unethical practices have left clients and large financial corporations on the verge of bankruptcy. We provide specialized asset tracing services by integrating practices such as public records analysis, financial forensics, databases research, and open-source inquires. In turn, through the use of such methods, we are then able to establish asset ownership, asset transfer dynamics, UBOs, discreet asset checks and verifications, jurisdictional options for seizure, and asset value reports.

Market Intelligence

We understand the modern challenges of market dynamics. We’ve faced quite a few ourselves, and we’ve learned that the best way to continue growing in such a complex environment is knowing where the organization stands, where the market wants it to be, and how to get there. Our multifaceted data collection methodologies are designed to aggregate information from the market and transform it into relevant, realistic, and effective market intelligence.

Before such data is distributed, we ensure its feasibility through scenario-based testing and real environment feedback. Our market intelligence program includes market penetration, customers and competition market profiling, customers outflow intelligence, brand protection and anti-counterfeit support, market strategy development support, trademark monitoring, and negative PR exposure mitigation.

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