Actionable strategic advisory, intelligence and risk management.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy is based on integration, flexibility and innovative approach in our work. The concepts of “simple and universal” are no longer options in the consulting world.

Why Dynamics International?

We operate in reality, not the wishful thinking
We promise and deliver realistic results, not wishful thinking
We operate as one-stop-shop with global capability
We implement quality control and value the client’s feedback
Safety and security is our priority
Our past performance and references are best guarantee
We implement corporate and social responsibility
We care about our results and your success

Our integrated-services approach offers One-Stop-Shop solutions which reduce time and resources spend by our clients


We support our program management services can be tailored to meet the demands of the customers for full-cycle services or support of specific phases of the program.


Today’s businesses are fluent and sensitive. Factors such as globalization, new technology, global financial, social and political trends and new strategic concepts may impact organizations in ways no one can predict and the only way to prevent the damage is to be prepared.


We provide real-time news and social media and networks tracking, press clipping and open sources research, impact analysis and distribution of information in customized format directly to our users.

Risk Management

Corporate risk management is where we started. For more than 10 years, our executive team has been providing corporate risk management and advisory services across the globe. We now use the same dedication to mitigating risks for our customers.


We utilize customized intelligence cycle in order to ensure the final results are actionable and address the actual needs of the customer. Our in-house team and external experts provide the decision makers with understanding and relevant knowledge, and ensure the right path when navigating the obstacles and unknowns of the dynamically changing business world.

Information Technology

Our customers can benefit from one of the several complex packages for integrated systems and concepts based on optimized hardware, smart automation and latest software solutions.

Public Sector

We provide specialized contracting packages which incorporate any and all of our services to customers from the public sector, the international development and aid organizations and NGOs.

Supporting your mission and success through integrated consulting solutions

We take the consulting work to the next level by implementing best industry practices and services integration

Strategic data mining, research and analysis in support of your strategy and operations

Latest multi-industry technology knowledge, experience and expert personnel

Know-How solutions based on proven methodologies and operational concepts