Strategic Advisory



Through real-time tracking of information on latest geopolitical developments, globalization trends and impacts, long-term predictions and social and economic factors, we arm the customers with the understanding of what is relevant for their future and success. We transform this understanding into viable and applicable strategies and assist in their implementation.



We’ve accumulated our experience by operating in some of the most challenging investment markets. We work with hedge funds, private equities, sovereign wealth funds, banks and individual investors and while helping them, we also help those with great ideas who are in need of investment support. Our services include strategic and project specific analysis, risk assessment, legislative research and support, quantitative and qualitative planning and assets and funds management support.



Today’s businesses are fluent and sensitive. Factors such as globalization, new technology, global financial, social and political trends and new strategic concepts may impact organizations in ways no one can predict and the only way to prevent the damage is to be prepared. Dynamics International utilizes value driven methodology in order to assess, evaluate, redesign and implement progressive, self-sustainable, flexible and long-term business strategy, organization and processes for our customers.



Our strategic research and analysis services are based on the ability to conduct researches on a global level and engage subject-matter experts with extensive experience in geopolitics, macro finance, regional and global economy, defense and security. We combine knowledge and understanding through geopolitical surveys and analysis, economic analysis, SWOT and PESTLE analysis, social, environmental and commercial impact research and predictions.



Organizational management has proven to be a challenge unless supported by relevant information and insights from both internal and external sources. We combine interviews, surveys, experts’ revision and qualitative analysis which help our clients to better organize their structure, prepare their approach to vertical and horizontal organizational changes and track the pulse of their organization. We provide, functional and structure analysis, mission and resources optimization analysis, organizational efficiency analysis and internal and external surveys and outcome transformation into viable strategies.


Stability and Transition

We believe in the right of every nation to benefit from free, stable and prosperous reality. Throughout a decade-long experience of working in countries impacted by conflict, poverty and disasters, our management brings experience in providing sustainable models for effective governance on national and municipal levels, transformation of government institutions into accountable servants of the people and transition from conflict reality into political, economic and social stability. Our program and project teams include development experts, government services specialists, national infrastructure advisors, aid project managers and international diplomacy experts.


Operations Support

Our founding partners have spent more than a decade in various international organizations which supported governments, development and aid organizations and corporations in various global initiatives. This experience, the understanding of the challenges and the ability to create networks in multicultural environment is now utilized in our support of key government and international organizations all over the world. We provide contract management, chain management, field projects management and customized project and program execution.

Public Sector

Contract Management

We provide specialized contracting packages which incorporate any and all of our services to customers from the public sector, the international development and aid organizations and NGOs. The experience of our executives in public sector contracts management gives us the knowledge, the methodologies and the networks to respond to any complex requirements and offer one-stop solutions.

Intelligence Solutions



By utilizing legal practices in our processes of collection of information from open sources, social media, big data, corporate databases and human sources and subsequent analysis, we transform the information into actionable intelligence. Our corporate intelligence teams and external experts provide the decision makers with understanding and relevant knowledge, and ensure the right path when navigating the obstacles and unknowns of the dynamically changing business world. Our services include competition profiling, corporate dynamics monitoring, disruptive technology, reputational safeguarding, product intelligence and customized competitive intelligence services.



Due diligence is no longer optional for the smart and successful businesses. Knowing the other side of the equation has become prerequisite in the corporate, legislative, financial and HR environment in order to ensure compliance and risk avoidance. We provide enhanced due diligence checks of entities and individuals by combining information and analysis from open sources, social media, big data, corporate databases and source inquires. Our enhanced due diligence research reports support our clients in processes such as KYC analysis, pre-transaction checks, M&A, executive and management personnel checks and corporate and personnel profile analysis.



Today’s modern financial dynamics have become significant obstacle in the process of tracing and recovering of assets. Fraud, money laundering, financial crime, offshore operations and number of other illegal and unethical practices leave the victims with significant damages. We provide specialized asset tracing services by integrating practices such as public records analysis, financial forensics, databases research, open sources and source inquires in order to establish asset ownership, assets transfer dynamics, UBOs, discreet asset checks and verifications jurisdictional options for seizure and asset value analysis.


Compliance Intelligence

The global dynamics in the regulatory sphere have made the process of full compliance with the national and international laws difficult. Corporations, financial organizations, investment funds and governments are facing the risks of operating against regulations without knowing about it or dealing with non-compliant third parties. We ensure our clients’ corporate, financial, legislative, environmental and social compliance by constantly tracing the regulatory atmospherics in the area of interest, investigating internal and external factors of concern and third party compliance profiling and prevent potential breaches of regulations such as AML, FCPA, UKBA and OFAC.



Context does matter. Global and local politics, emerging trends and crisis, interests-driven conflicts in specific cultures, customs, and many more are contributing factors to a broader environment which needs to be thoroughly understood in order for a business entity to effectively operate amid challenges. Our strategic intelligence uncovers trends, risks and potential implications the existing or emerging events may have on the business strategic planning and critical decisions. We serve the corporate, public and non-for-profit sector by providing contextual knowledge, as well as long-term, actionable information and support through geopolitical, macroeconomic and technology intelligence, strategic stability atmospherics, defense and security insights, terrorism analysis and impact insights.



We understand the modern challenges of market dynamics. We’ve faced quite a few ourselves, and we’ve learned that the best way to continue growing in such a complex environment is knowing where the organization is, where the market wants it to be and how to get there. Our complex data collection methodologies and approach are designed to aggregate information from the market and transform it into relevant, realistic and effective market intelligence. Before our market intelligence is distributed, we insure its feasibility through scenario-based testing and real environment feedback. Our market intelligence program includes market penetration intelligence, customers and competition market profiling, customers outflow intelligence, brand protection and anti-counterfeit support, market strategy development support, trademark monitoring and negative PR exposure mitigation.

Risk Management


Risk Management

Corporate risk management is where we started. For more than 10 years, our executive team has been providing corporate risk management and advisory services across the globe. We now use the same dedication to mitigating risks for our customers. Our approach is based on four key components: intelligence, analysis, reduction and oversight. We minimize the geopolitical, legislative, financial, operational and reputational risks of organizations by providing risk assessments, risk mitigation plans, corporate profiling, corporate vulnerability testing, personnel vetting, and crisis management.


Risk Management

Our risk management cycle has served various industries and customers, most of them in critical regions such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia. We incorporate field tested risk management and security know-how, risk ownership approach and risk management experts with experience from some of the most austere regions of the world. Our customers benefit from one of the predetermined service packages or combination of operational and location risk assessments, risk treatment strategies, critical infrastructure risk mitigation, crisis and incident response, physical security and protection planning, hostile environment awareness training and risk management experts outsourcing.

Threat and

Emergency Reporting

Our 24/7 Threat and Emergency Reporting Center is designed to provide continuous real-time alerts, updates and analyzed incident reports from across the globe. Our alerts are disseminated through online solutions as well as customized SMS delivery system for clients requesting more sophisticated options. We monitor and report on active and developing security incidents, terrorist attacks, major hostage situations, disasters, political incidents and risk and threat emerging developments.


Management Training

Proper training is one of the key factors in any risk management strategy. Our risk management training courses are based on customized approach which includes theoretical, practical and scenario-based exercise training sessions that ensure all trainees are qualified to perform their required job functions without the need for additional training. We provide hostile environment awareness training, corporate risk management training, law enforcement, special operations forces and conventional training and command and control training.

High Threat

Environments Support

The executive team of Dynamics International Group, and most of the risk management personnel working for us have spent over 10 years in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Libya, providing complex security services for government organizations, NGOs and businesses. The experience, knowledge and capabilities of our core personnel to operate in high threat locations is now a benefit to our client. We serve the organizations operating in these types of environments by providing close protection planning, management and oversight, overseas travel security services, crisis response, kidnap and ransom incidents management and security SOPs and strategies development.

HNW Risk


We approach the HNW risk management with field-proven methodology which includes predictions of the risks through continuous, in-depth risk analysis of the client’s profile, exposure, incidents history, intelligence collection and exchange with law enforcement agencies and implementation of efficient risk management concepts and advising based on mitigation and prevention rather than response to incident.

Technology Services

Information Technology


Our customers can benefit from one of the several complex packages for integrated systems and concepts based on optimized hardware, smart automation and latest software solutions. Our IT engineering teams will transform your process or location into trouble-free IT environment made to serve you. We provide remote and online management and support as well as short and long-term outsourcing combined with central office support. Combined with our ability to create cloud or dedicated hosting environments, our capabilities will become yours.

Digital Transformation


We guide organizations into the digital world by transforming operations and structures which benefit from digital technologies. We support customers by providing digital strategy development and implementation, cloud solutions, social media services, web and content creation and digital support for management and decision making. Our integrated packages are tailored to specific client’s needs for full or selected process digital transformation, digital profile design, hosting and implementation and online processes management.


Hosting Services

We understood the need for in-house hosting capability and eventually transformed it into a fully developed program for our customers. We provide full range of hosting services with dedicated resources customized per the client’s needs and flexibility for changes at any time. Our hosting services are a result of dedicated, in-house server infrastructure, redundancy system and complex cybersecurity and data protection system in place. We provide dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting options, cloud services and customized solutions for secure database and file storage and exchange services.

Cyber Security

and Forensics

We live in reality where cyber-attacks can bring down the civilization to the Dark Ages. The world progressed to the level where cyber security is necessity. Dynamics International has the capacity to prevent your problems, mitigate the damages after incident or trace the attack back to its root cause. We combine specialized data protection hardware, software and operating procedures which will allow your organization to operate in safe and secure digital environment while our cyber forensics team can insure your team and organization stays clean of any negative occurrences.