The Syrian Conflict and the Russia – Saudi relations

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The Syrian Conflict and the
Russia – Saudi relations

The Syrian conflict, real surprise or predicted scenario in the Russia-Saudi relations.
The Syrian conflict marked a new dawn in the geopolitical sphere. Something that was seen in the past in controlled, restricted and modest form – Russian military intervention under the shroud of stability and peace keeping.

Was it really just an intervention or a way for Putin’s administration to shift the world’s attention from Ukraine, one would not be able to say. However, the impact was there and Russia entered the next stage of the game without fear from Western response or losses in lives and technology.

Saudi Arabia was one of the key players in the conflict from Day One and although both the West and the East knew who is fueling the fire with weapons and funds, The Kingdom got off scot-free and continued to enforce its long-sought dream of becoming the Top Gun of the Middle East. It goes without saying that on 30 September 2015, when the first Russian Su-24 and Su-34 delivered their payloads on the Syrian opposition outposts in Hama, the Saudi ministers scrambled in order to draft the expected outrage against Russia. Instead, they were calmed down with morning cup of tea and reality-check provided by their very smart, calculative and experienced King. Russia and Saudi Arabia had their differences on Syria even before President Putin unleashed the might of the Russian military however this time King Salman recognized the new reality in which the West was no longer alone in the democracy-bombing game. Russia was out on the stage and nothing and no one could stop the play.

Fast forward two years later and the world witnessed the first official visit of Saudi royalty to Russia in October 2017, with full table of bilateral agreements being signed by president Putin and King Salman. From that point forward, Saudi Arabia and Russia have been backing up each other on various geopolitical interests and continue to do so even today.

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