Our Leadership

Justin Roath

Mr. Roath is strategic management and business development expert. He spent the last 15 years on senior executive positions in the private security, risk management and consulting sector where he managed several strategic programs in the security, risk management and stability sector in the Middle East. Mr. Roath holds degree in civil engineering and several specialized qualifications in corporate management, business development, security and risk management.

Tom Nikoloski

Mr. Nikoloski is risk management and corporate intelligence expert. Since 2009, he has served on various senior risk management and corporate executive positions for consulting companies supporting the US Government and NATO efforts in the Middle East, USA, Europe and Africa. Prior to joining the private sector, he served as military officer on various command and staff duties. He is military academy and Fort Benning Career Officers School graduate and holds MA in Risk Management.

Stephen Grossman
Critical Event Response Consultant

Mr. Grossman is an expert in critical event response, crisis management and behaviour-focused analysis. For more than 20 years, Mr. Grossman has been involved in the risk management and corporate intelligence industry, operating in various locations of the world and providing response consulting, profiling, deception detection, intelligence collection and analysis, investigations and conversation management to identify and neutralise threats and risks, to assess truth, and to positively affect outcomes for clients. He is a recognised subject matter expert, has been published in various journals and regularly speaks at industry events. Mr. Grossman has trained police and special operations teams internationally and has been called upon to consult on complex cases.

Slavica Popeva
Operations Manager

Ms. Popeva is responsible for planning and organization of all executive-level activities, personalized administrative support, client coordination and prioritization of the company agenda by focusing on the most important opportunities and issues. She spent the past 6 years on various management, administrative and support positions for international companies in several industries. Ms. Popeva holds BSc in Journalism.

Stojan Pecev
Senior Manager Research and Analysis

Mr. Pecev is responsible for our corporate due diligence investigations. His portfolio includes experience in law firms responsible for high profile cases and has taken part in numerous legal conferences on law and EU integration. In addition, he has undergone a number of training courses in the field of corporate and technical due diligence, risk management, subject matter analysis. Mr. Pecev currently holds a BSc in Jurisprudence Law and is working on obtaining a Master’s degree in Jurisprudence Law.

Aleksandar Donevski
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Donevski is an IT expert with 10 years of dedicated experience in the IT industry. He is responsible for our datacenter and databases management, IT consulting, web development, hosting and cyber security projects. Mr. Donevski holds BSc in Information Technology and Communications.