Due Diligence

In today’s business and regulatory environment, it is critical for organizations to research, identify and mitigate personnel risks. We insure the viability of selected employee candidates or groups by researching, understanding and presenting the relevant facts and information to decision-makers thereby reducing organizational and staffing risks.

Why is it Important

Organizations face human resources challenges on a daily basis and quite often are forced to recruit and hire new staff in a very short time. Whether it is a time restriction or understanding the risks associated with a new employee, recruitment process without appropriate vetting may result in a significant risk element which affects the organization and its personnel. We reduce these risks by conducting in-depth screening of the applicant’s information and profiling their viability for the specific position based on verified facts.


We ensure the clients have the latest and the most relevant information by combining several procedures:

Personal identifiers verification
Academic verification
Past employment verification
Active and past corporate affiliations
Corporate conflict of interest analysis
Unfavorable networks affiliation

References verification
Specialized certifications checks
Criminal background checks
Past and current litigation’s
Corporate confidentiality leaks
Reputational profiling


We analyze the legal and operational restrictions before committing to the process. We advise the client on how to obtain authorization from the subject of the vetting process and assist in the personal data processing and legal compliance. We then implement noninvasive, discreet, and legally authorized collection through various open sources, databases, human sources and organizational feedbacks so as to respond to each of the defined questions of interest. The raw information is then crosschecked through several sources and filters of reliability and relevance as well as impact analysis.

Due Diligence

We bridge the information gap between current knowledge and essential knowledge, allowing corporate decisions to be made with confidence, reliable atmospheric understanding, and ability to respond to risks. Whether the subject of interest is a future partnership, subcontractor engagement, supply chain deal, pre-transaction or investment, we utilized centric-based intelligence cycle to collect, analyze and disseminate the required information.   

How we do it

We develop detailed profiles of the companies with whom our clients are considering a business relationship. We focus on finding “red flags”, or issues that might present reputational, operational, legal or financial risks to our clients. Red flags include allegations of bribery or corruption, links to organized criminal groups, conflicts of interest, compliance issues and financial mismanagement. At minimum, we research and analyze the following key profiling factors:

Corporate records verification
Company ownership and directorships
Physical presence of registered offices
Reputation checks
Offshore affiliations
Organizational culture profiling

Legal and financial profiling
Key individuals’ analysis
Political and criminal exposure
Past performance verification
Regulatory and compliance deficiencies
Corruptive practices research


We collect raw data from open and semi-open sources, human source commentary, and electronic databases in multilingual and global environments. We then transform the data into relevant pointers, conduct cross-reference and validation checks, followed by detailed assessment and contextualization towards the client objectives and requirements. The final step is delivery of the written reports and verbal briefings by our senior leadership including recommendations, and if necessary, guidance on the client’s future approach to the specific subject or activity.

Cost Effectiveness

A key to our success is the ability to provide integration and customization of services. We incorporate rigorous and verified methods, industry experts, and dedicated global resources. This approach, combined with our experience, guarantees quality and professional service. Our technical approach provides professional, timely and cost-effective services combined with clients’ satisfaction, success and safety.


We utilize only legally approved methods of collection;
We verify the information through multiple sources;
We conduct risk analysis before proposing solutions;
We report project updates within agreed frequency;
We provide actionable intelligence backed by facts;
We protect our clients’ confidentiality;

Quality and Safety Assurance

We promise and deliver realistic results, not wishful thinking
We operate as a one-stop-shop with global capability
We implement quality control and value the client’s feedback
Safety and security is our priority
Our past performance and references are best guaranteed
We implement corporate and social responsibility
We care about our results and your success

Transparency and Trust

Our key objective is to earn the trust of our clients through transparent process and quality of service. Dynamics International implements phased project management process with no advance payment requirements.

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