Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus

Everything your business needs in one package. Leave nothing to chance with powerful antivirus, data, and identity protection.

Intellectual property, customer data, your business strategy, you have everything to protect, and we have the all-in-one solution to protect it. Make the most of Avast’s award-winning antivirus solution enhanced with server, email, and VPN protection for complete security, even on the go.

All the benefits of Avast Business Antivirus Pro, plus:

  • Secure connections
  • Avast Passwords
  • Browse safely

This product is included in these software solutions:

  • Password Manager – Password Manager makes passwords easier to manage and keep users safe. All passwords are stored securely and shared across devices locked behind a master password. The accompanying browser add-on can auto-fill web forms when using protected accounts.
  • SecureLine VPN – SecureLine VPN provides a secure connection when using any type of network, be it a home network or public Wi-Fi. It encrypts all communication, anonymises browsing, privatises uploads and downloads and makes emails, logins, messages, and credit card details invisible.
  • Browser Cleanup – Keep your PC running smoothly and your data safe. Scans your browsers, identifies all poorly-rated addons, extensions, search engines & toolbars and allows you to disable or remove them quickly.
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